Audi Q8 SUV for 2018

2018 Audi Q8 SUV

A Look at the Audi Q8

Audi’s attempt here is to enter into the segment of premium class, full-size SUVs – this instead of the expected, omnipresent collection of classic sport utility vehicles.

Maximum prestige is the intent behind the Q8 concept. A powerful, highly efficient plug-in hybrid propel this vehicle with 330 kilo Watts of system output and 700 Newton-meters of torque (516.3 lb-ft). The concept car will be the basis for the production model Audi has scheduled for launch for the 2018 model year.

Audi’s New Q8 Flagship SUV Eyeballing the Range Rover

The new Q8 was previewed in concept form at 2018’s biggest motor shows: in January in Detroit and in March at the Geneva show. Based on the concept styling the production version will be a large, but sporty SUV, sitting higher than the Q7 but having a slightly more coupe-influenced side profile like that of similar, premium SUVs, e.g., the Mercedes GLE Coupe and the notable BMW X6.

Audi Q8 concept

The Audi Q8 concept is 5.02 meters long, making it an impressive presence in the premium, full-size class. The three meter wheelbase of the show car offers substantial space both for passengers and baggage. The passengers in the rear-seats have ample head and shoulder room, even taking the sloping, coupe-like roof line into consideration. The control concept uses an expanded version of the Audi virtual cockpit and a contact-analog head-up display and huge touchscreens in the cockpit. The virtual cockpit uses intelligent augmented reality technology that merges the real and virtual worlds.

Proof Audi Can Still Create Bold Designs…

BMW’s X6 is another competitor which Audi’s Q8 seeks to upstage; the Q8 Concept mixes new, unique styling cues with the manufacturer’s current design language. While similar in many respects to the bloated Q2, the majority of its features differ significantly to other Audi-branded SUVs. The slender, angular headlamps have X-shaped LEDs with small underneath vents. The familiar singleframe grille appears more menacing resulting from its thicker frame and six verticle, double-slatted bars. The large intakes below have aluminum surrounds, with elements featuring the “e-tron” logo perform the role of splitter.

Four New Technologies Introduced in the Audi A8 & Q8

  1. Electric Shock
    Although is not a ground-breaking hybrid system, it will be adopted widely throughout Audi’s model lines in the future, delivering strong performance – with fearsome instant grunt – plus those all-important reductions in fuel consumption and emissions.
  2. Clean and Mean
    Electric motors are used both for direct motive power (without the engine, for crawling in traffic, and in tandem with it for hard acceleration) and to spool up the turbos at low engine revs, when exhaust pressures are low and you’d expect a lackluster response.
  3. Virtual Cockpit 2
    The concept takes Audi’s hi-res Virtual Cockpit screen and ramps the hardware up to a 12.3″ 1920 x 720 px screen. Nav will switch from a top-down view to a 3D rendering of the vehicle and its surroundings in zoom-in mode.
  4. No Knobs
    Audi’s current HMI uses a rotary control: a quadrant of buttons with functions that change with the screen and shortcut buttons to nav, radio, media and phone. The A8 will follow the concept’s lead and move to more touchscreen technology, with an extreme high-definition and touch-ready kinesthetic main screen and a secondary touchscreen for climate controls, not unlike duo setup of the Range Rover Velar’s Touch Pro.

2018 Audi Q8 interior

The Q8’s long wheelbase should facilitate considerable interior space – likely enough for four adults and large amount of cargo. The original Q8 Concept’s boot could accommodate 630 liters of luggage; we expect the production version also to offer a spacious load-bay of similar capacity.


Inside, we’re likely to find Audi’s next-generation MMI infotainment system – a minimalistic, button-free unit that could feature two central screens instead of the typical dashboard-mounted display. Gesture control features could also end up on the new Q8 while Audi’s 12.3 inch Virtual Cockpit screen should come fitted as standard.

Next-Generation Audi Design

The profile of the 2019 Audi Q8 will be coupe-like, but likely not as severe as the BMW X6 or Mercedes GLE Coupe. Both of those SUVs feature rooflines with significant arc, starting just behind the driver. This sacrifices some rear-seat headroom and cargo space in favor of styling.

The Q8 Concept, however, attempts to retain more rear-seat headroom and a more upright rear hatch. The Q8’s beltline sweeps upward from the front fenders to the rear pillar, giving it an aggressive, forward-canted stance.

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